Gutter CoversJust about every magazine you read has an advertisement for gutter covers. It would be difficult to not have seen the many choices out there to choose from. You may be wondering how many of them live up to their claims. Which ones are all hype and which are the real deal? Is one that sounds too good to be true more than just a waste of money? It might surprise you to learn that many of the gutter covers on the market do little more than have you throw money away, but much worse could cause damage to your home.

You already know that having clogged gutters is a recipe for disaster. So, if you go with gutter covers that give you false security that you don’t need to clean your gutters and they aren’t really doing the job, it stands to reason you could be headed for trouble. Once they are in place, it can be hard to tell how well they are working. So, how can you tell whether the gutter covers you plan to get are going to do the job properly? Here are a few tips that will help you choose:

  • Professional Installation – Quality gutter covers are distributed and installed by a valued network of authorized dealers. The lower quality ones are available to homeowners for DIY installation. Since the results you’ll experience from your gutter covers rely as much on proper installation as they do a quality product, you wouldn’t want to tackle this project yourself.
  • Quality Tested – Quality gutter covers undergo months of rigorous testing in all sorts of conditions before they are offered to the public. In addition, authorized installation professionals will often try them out, too. They usually test other brands as well so if they have settled on one particular brand of gutter covers over all the others, it is a safe bet you can trust them.
  • Lifetime Warranty – You won’t see a lifetime warranty on bargain gutter covers because they know they are not offering a permanent solution. Quality gutter covers are virtually indestructible and well worth the investment.

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