There are an overwhelming amount of gutter protection companies on the market today, each claiming to be the solution to every homeowner’s “gutter woes”.

While the aforementioned “gutter woes” are most definitely a very large concern for most people in the market for gutter protection, what is more concerning is the fact that every day, hundreds of homeowners across the country are choosing gutter guards that are inevitably doomed to fail.

Hood-systems have been around for decades, and are easily, the most recognized gutter guard on the market today. They are a popular option for homeowners because of the length of time that they have been on the market. They are essentially a one-piece system, but can come in many different forms. (For a general idea of what these products look like, refer to the photo associated with this article.)

Advertising for these products can be found everywhere – from billboards, to newspapers, to three-minute infomercials that loop every Sunday morning. While they may be very well-known, they are a far-stretch from being the best system available in 2017.

Here are Five Main Reasons Why You Should Never Purchase A Hood-System: 

  1. They Produce Waterfalls

In the late 90’s, TLC advised you not to go chasing them. Homeowners who install hood-systems invariably bring them upon themselves.

Hood-systems are designed with a small space just under the brim of the hood that is designed to allow water to flow into the gutter and keep debris out. These systems are not designed to withstand heavy amounts of rainfall. In the event of a downpour – or in most cases, even a fairly steady amount of rain – water will flow straight over the system, defeating the purpose of the gutter entirely.

Most common complaints include: damage to the home, erosion, plant-damage, & reports of threats from very angry wives who want nothing more than to keep their plants alive and to be able to leave their homes without the risk of looking like a drowned rat.

  1. They Are Designed To Replace Your Existing Gutters

While not all companies that install some form of hood-system require that you replace your existing gutters, major brands like the ones who advertise on television do. For this reason, homeowners who have existing gutters that are in decent condition, or who have just built a new home should never pay to have a one-piece system installed.

If a hood-system fails to function as promised, homeowners not only lose their initial investment, but also have to pay to have both new gutters and gutter protection installed.

  1. They Are Extremely Expensive

As previously mentioned, more often than not, installing a hood-system involves having to replace the existing gutters. The price of a hood-system can easily become twice what someone would pay for a standard gutter guard because the existing gutters have to be torn down and replaced. One-piece systems are more expensive than guards that simply install on top of existing gutters because they serve as both the gutter and the gutter guard and involve the use of more material.

While these products do involve the use of more material, it is important for homeowners who are not familiar with the gutter industry be aware of the following:

Seamless, aluminum gutter is produced by running material through a gutter machine, the price of which can range between $3 to $10 per linear foot. Many hood-systems are formed using a “roll-forming” machine, not unlike the one previously described. Sheet metal is ran through the machine, producing the base of the hood-system. On average, it may cost the manufacturers of a hood-system $10 per linear foot to produce their product, which they then turn around and sell directly to homeowners for no less than $30 per linear foot.

Many people choose to install these systems because they are so well-advertised, but they are so well-advertised because the mark-up on the product is so extreme in comparison to what it actually costs to produce it.

  1. They Do Not Keep Debris Out

The opening that is designed to allow water to flow into the gutter allows seeds, debris, pine-straw, insects, roof-grit and leaves can find their way into the gutter, causing them to clog as they would if no gutter protection were installed.

When this happens, many homeowners are forced to climb on the ladder and clean these systems out with a spoon. It’s a grueling task and it is extremely frustrating to have to maintain a gutter guard when the purpose of installing it was to make the gutters “maintenance-free”.

Although many companies offer a “lifetime warranty” and will come out and clean the gutters themselves should they ever become clogged, the issues will never completely be resolved, and these calls will only become more and more frequent.

  1. Your Gutters Will Become The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Because hood-systems do not have the ability to keep debris out of the gutters, that same debris eventually becomes the equivalent of “potting soil”. Often, before homeowners are even aware that their system is not functioning properly, their gutters have miraculously produced a full-blown tree. While this may appear to be a miracle, it is most-definitely an undesirable one, and most definitely not something that should be taking place if you’ve invested anywhere from $5,000 – $10,000 in a gutter protection system.

While finding the right gutter guard for your home may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, there are certain types of systems that should immediately be eliminated, hood-systems being first and foremost on that list. At GutterDome, we are committed to ensuring that homeowners in the market for gutter protection are well-informed as to what their options are. We are always happy to answer any and all questions, even if you do not choose to do business with our company. Call us today at 1-855-55-SPOUT or 1-855-557-7388 to set up your free, no-hassle estimate.

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