According to ABC News, ladder accidents went up 50% between 1990 and 2005. The US Department of Labor has also published statistics about ladder accidents in a study of 1,400 accidents. We’ve provided a few of these statistics that may be great reasons to consider GutterDome for your home and eliminate the need to get up on the ladder.

Ladder Accidents Are a Great Reason to Consider GutterDome

  • 2.1 Million – That’s how many people were admitted to the hospital for ladder-related injuries between 1990 and 2005!
  • 77% – Males made up 77% of the ladder-related emergency room visits.
  • Legs & Feet – These body parts were most frequently injured, often with fractures and broken bones.
  • checklist97% – Ladder injuries were reported as occurring at non-occupational settings, such as homes and farms 97% of the time.
  • 66% – 66% of people who suffered from ladder injuries did not know how to inspect the ladder for defects according to the US Department of Labor.
  • 53% – 53% of ladders were not secured properly at the bottom or top before an accident.
  • 11,570 – This is how many workdays are lost due to a ladder accident every year.
  • 4% – 4% of ladders in the US Department of Labor study did not have properly spaced steps.
  • 53% – 53% of ladders involved in an accident broke during use.
  • 42% – 42% of people injured during a ladder accident were working on the ladder during the incident.

Eliminate the possibility of ladder accidents with GutterDome. Thanks to this revolutionary gutter guard, you’ll never have to get up on a ladder to maintain your gutters again!

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