Make Sure Your Gutters Can Stand Up to Mother Nature with Rain Gutter Repair
Gutters are very important on all kinds of structures, helping to move moisture away from the exterior walls and foundation of your building. If water puddles up and sits on the roof, it can get very heavy and cause damage to the shingles or other roofing materials up there. When water settles on the ground right next to the walls of the building, it may seep through and cause damage to the exterior materials and drywall. Too much water may also cause cracking in your foundation, which means water will be able to come up through the floors and cause damage.

Moisture also leads to mold growth, which can cause severe allergic symptoms like headaches, sore throats, and congestion. In those with recurring breathing problems, like asthma or COPD, mold growth could lead to more severe health issues, so it’s important to make sure your rain gutters are able to keep the water away from the building and move it to a better location.

When rain gutters are clogged or otherwise damaged, they may not function properly. You could notice moldy spots on the walls of the building, icy patches during the winter months that form under the gutters, or puddles beneath where the gutters should drain. Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, our team at GutterDome specializes in rain gutter repair. We offer a variety of options for rain gutter repair, and we have new materials that withstand all types of weather conditions. Give us a call to learn more about our industry-leading rain gutter repair services.

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