The Right Way to Install Rain Gutter CoversSo the hype on the infomercial says you can get rain gutter covers that install in 30 seconds? Oh, and they are super cheap, too – buy one, get 500 free or some nonsense like that. Yep, that definitely falls into that “too good to be true” scenario and should make you run for the hills. The one thing they have right, however, is that rain gutter covers, if they are the right kind and installed correctly, are a good thing for your home. What they don’t tell you is that the wrong ones or those installed incorrectly can actually do more harm than good.

The number one mistake when installing rain gutter covers is doing it in such a way that disturbs the roofing material. That is just a leak looking for a place to happen. It is important that water running off the roof has no opportunity to backtrack under the lip, and that is exactly what poorly installed rain gutter covers can do. Furthermore, installing rain gutter covers this way often voids the roofing warranty.

The second most common mistake when installing rain gutter covers is not addressing issues with the gutters themselves. It is important to realign and repair any gutter problems or even replace the gutters if they are beyond salvaging before getting to the task of installing rain gutter covers. Again, this is important for proper water flow to avoid water damage at the edges of your home’s roof.

At GutterDome, our process of installing our best in the industry rain gutter covers involves a patented Klynch Channel that does not disturb your home’s roofing products. We are also the only company that cleans, realigns and repairs your home’s gutters to our exacting standards before we begin installing the rain gutter covers. We can even replace bad sections. Is this the year you’re going to stop letting your home’s gutters grow their own private garden? Call us today and find out how affordable and durable our rain gutter covers are so you can “get your mind out of the gutter” once and for all.

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