As a female who entered the home improvement industry with no previous knowledge and minimal to non-existent interest in the concept of gutters, let alone gutter protection, it seemed as though my only option was to immerse myself in product knowledge.

In order to successfully market and sell my company’s product, I have studied all forms of gutter protection so thoroughly that I now have the rare ability to get out of almost any bad date at will, and bore even the most notoriously talkative members of my family into absolute silence should the topic ever “happen” to come up.

If you are a homeowner in the market for a gutter protection system, do not proceed in the execution of any contractual agreement without first reading this article.

I consider myself somewhat of a martyr: I have learned, so that you must never have to endure the pain of learning for yourself. If you’re reading this article after purchasing a dysfunctional gutter protection system, I extend to you my deepest sympathy. Feel free to give me your very best grimace should we ever encounter one another while I am holding a piece of what might (from a distance) resemble the gutter guard that “did you wrong”.

After intently studying my own company’s product, the products of our major competitors, and interacting with homeowners directly at marketing events, I began to notice a few disturbing patterns.

Although many of the people that I encountered had already purchased some form of gutter protection that they claimed to be moderately satisfied with, they all professed to still be cleaning their gutters, which brings me to my first point:

Your gutter protection system is not effective if you are still having to clean your gutters out.

In addition, I became intrigued by exactly how much fury the question, “Have you ever considered purchasing some sort of gutter protection system for your home?” could evoke.

I would walk up to these people with my product in-hand and their facial muscles would contract into expressions so full of disgust that I became convinced that I must have been putting off some sort of foul odor.

If I had a dollar for every time that I have been told “None of that stuff works!”, which was always immediately followed with the homeowner angrily stomping off in the opposite direction of our conversation, I can attest that I would have quite a few dollars – or thousands of dollars to be exact.

It was only after spending multiple years in the gutter protection industry and seeing my own company remove countless, dysfunctional gutter guards that I was able to identify the source of their fury.

Gutter guards have been around for decades, and as with all products throughout the history of time, a concept can only be mastered once it has been tested and developed. Unfortunately for homeowners, this trial and error period – while beneficial for manufacturers of gutter guards across the country – has taken place at their own expense.

When a homeowner spends thousands of dollars on a gutter guard that is promised to be the “Tom Brady” of all gutter guards, only to find out that it has abilities equivalent to those of a pee-wee quarterback, they can’t exactly be expected to hug the first person who asks them their opinion of gutter protection.

In retrospect, I’m probably fortunate that I didn’t become the victim of some maniacal, gutter tirade.

It is extremely unfortunate that I must report that anyone who does not have a GutterDome Gutter Protection System on their home, and has purchased any other form of gutter protection is correct to reach the conclusion that: “None of that stuff works.”, because, quite frankly, it does not. I have a pile full of discarded gutter guards behind our shop to prove it.

While it is only natural that I obstinately defend the product that produces my income to it’s death, I make such blunt statements in an attempt to protect homeowners from becoming victims of companies with large marketing budgets and inferior products.

Possibly because they are overwhelmed by the amount of companies on the market who advertise some form of gutter protection, too many homeowners are uninformed when it comes to finding the right product for their homes. 

While cheap gutter guards that you can purchase from Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot and install yourself may seem like an affordable and maintenance-free option, each individual segment must be taken off and then reinstalled each time the gutters need to be cleaned. These guards are also infamous for blowing off of your gutters and into your yard, your neighbor’s yard, and yards two miles away.

Many well-known companies may have been around since the dawn of time, but purchasing their system in the year 2017 would be equivalent to purchasing an 8-track tape and then becoming upset when it can’t be played in your vehicle.

Purchasing gutter protection can be intimidating. Whether they’re married or single, young or aging gracefully – it’s far too easy for homeowners to be led astray by an overly-aggressive salesman who manipulates them into signing a contract to install an over-priced, inferior product that does not function as promised.

To make matters worse, when a product fails to function correctly, homeowners are then forced to spend countless hours tracking down the subcontractor who those well-known companies hired to install it. Many large companies even state that they charge to conduct service calls in the fine-print of their “lifetime warranty”.

Far too often, I have had customers cancel their appointments with my company as a result of signing a contract with someone else, only to call me back in a year and request for that same product to be replaced.

If you’re in the market for gutter protection, even if you do not end up choosing my company’s product, I encourage you to do your research. Let it be known that I also encourage you to run for your life when a sales representative quotes you at some astronomical price and then immediately cuts that price in half after “speaking with his manager”.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the designers of products such as Leaf Guard, LeafFilter, and  all 90,000 of the cheap gutter guards that can be found on Amazon and in home improvement stores across the country. Their original designs revealed to the manufacturer of our product what changes could be made to design a working system. However, it is no longer necessary for homeowners to be forced to invest in a gutter guard that does not work.

It is my hope that eventually, just like the enormous cell phones of the 80’s, parachute pants, and hopefully, Justin Bieber – the loathing expressions that I receive from unfortunate homeowners who feel that they have been personally violated by gutter guard companies across America will also go out of style.

Homeowners deserve to purchase from a company with integrity. They deserve quality, reliability, and a product that will last a lifetime.

GutterDome Gutter Protection Systems are the only system on the market who can deliver exactly what they have been entitled to since the concept of gutter protection was first introduced. It is our hope to change the way that homeowners nationwide view our industry and our desire to make sure that we deliver the most advanced technology on the market today. Our product is the only product designed to withstand both the elements and the test of time.


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