Gutter Guards Hundreds of years ago, kings and nobles would guard their castles by digging a moat and posting soldiers at the gates.  Although we no longer go to such extreme measures, protecting our homes is still an important part of our modern lifestyle.  When protecting your own castle, in the form of your home, you know that there are certain home maintenance items that you must keep up on a regular basis.  For example, you want to make sur the weather stripping around your doors and windows is in excellent condition, that your roof is secure, and that there are no cracks in your foundation.  While it is important to check all these items off your list, an area you may have overlooked is that of your gutters.  If you choose to install gutter guards for your gutters, you can dramatically increase the protection afforded your home, which will help it to retain its value.

While you may be wondering how high a priority gutter guards are, the answer is that they are an extremely important part of keeping your home free of other costlier issues.  For example, gutter guards can protect your home against foundation and landscaping damage.  They can also help to protect your roof from leaks and other water damage and keep your windows and doors free from potential water damage.

How can gutter guards do so much? The answer is that gutter guards keep your gutters free from debris, such as twigs, leaves, sediment, grit from shingles, or even birds or other animals or pests that would make a clogged gutter into a comfortable home.  If you choose to forego the gutter guards, you may experience all of the aforementioned problems, which would then lead to gutters that are weighed down, unable to do their job.  Eventually, these clogged gutters lead to damage to your home and safety issues for you.

Our GutterDome gutter guards are the best protection system available.  If you would like more information, just ask us.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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