Seamless Rain Gutters, Charlotte, NC

Let us explain the top benefits of our seamless rain gutters for your Charlotte home.

Seamless Rain Gutters in Charlotte, North CarolinaThe practice of using rain gutters to divert rainwater isn’t really a new idea. In fact, many ancient civilizations incorporated unique drainage methods in their temples and other structures. While their use of statuary to accomplish this (think gargoyles!) is far removed from today’s gutter systems, new ideas don’t come along all that often.

In fact, it wasn’t until the 1960s that a system was invented for seamless rain gutters. Roughly 70% of homes today have this style, and for good reason. You have likely heard the old adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same is true about gutters – each joining is the most susceptible to future problems.

At GutterDome, we offer a complete rainwater diversion system that blends the benefits of seamless rain gutters with the best gutter guards in the industry. We didn’t just jump on one product’s bandwagon, however. We took 24 months to thoroughly examine and test the 11 most commonly preferred gutter guards. You cannot image the extreme and destructive tests we put them through! Some of them came through like troopers, but the GutterDome system consistently won out.

Getting back to the seamless rain gutters, though, we were just as concerned with providing quality in this regard, as well. That means we chose the best system and made sure our installation team was well trained. It is not enough to have a reliable product if you don’t install it properly. Correct pitch, placement of downspouts, attachment to the house, connections at corners and downspouts, and other installation concerns must all be addressed. We are the only ones in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who put so much attention to detail in every installation of seamless rain gutters.

So, now you know what makes us best company to handle your project, let’s now discuss the rest of the benefits of seamless rain gutters. As already noted, the instance of leakage is minimized since fewer joints and seals are used, which is always the weakest link. Here are a few more benefits:

  • Aesthetics – Seamless rain gutters simply look better. A smooth, continuous line is always more pleasing to the eye than a number of joints and fasteners. For example, it can drive some people crazy to see fasteners that are not perfectly, evenly spaced.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Even if you do not go with gutter covers, you’ll find that seamless rain gutters require less maintenance. The joints in standard gutters grab debris, keeping it from flowing through and out of the gutter system. This means more gutter cleaning is needed with standard gutters. You’ll also save on the costs to reseal the joints when they begin to leak. In addition, because seamless rain gutters have a baked enamel finish, you’ll never need to paint them.
  • Wide Variety – There are more options for seamless rain gutters, including more materials and colors. This makes it far easier to match your Charlotte home’s exterior and your own particular style desires. You can remain with the standard white or go for something that makes your home unique.

Not only are we the only company in the Charlotte area to offer a complete system with seamless rain gutters and the best gutter guard in the industry, but you can also count on our expert installation team to give you lasting results. Customer satisfaction focusing on letting you get your mind out of the gutter is our #1 priority!


Seamless Rain Gutters

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